About HCS Safety Ltd

Hampshire health & safety training and consultancy specialist HCS Safety is at the forefront of the drive to keep the south’s businesses safe and compliant. Based at West Point House in Millbrook Road West, Southampton, HCS Safety covers the south of the UK and further afield when required.

Operations are split into two sectors – workplace safety consultancy and health and safety training courses.
HCS Safety offers a variety of options, ranging from on-site safety inspections and workplace audits to workplace stress assessments and accident investigations.
Providing more than 400 companies with access to qualified, experienced, friendly advisors, who help businesses achieve legal compliance and give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have profession health & safety support.

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The Requirement

HCS Safety’s need was a comprehensive solution to bring together the different sides of its business and consolidate client information in a single easy to use system.

Previously, the provision of training and services was handled internally with three separate and unconnected systems.

Training courses were offered and booked through an online event management and booking system. Information was then collected and transferred manually to a database to track attendance and certification of attendees.

The workplace safety services provided to businesses were stored in a separate customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Some documentation for both safety services and (to a lesser extent) training was also stored on an unrelated NAS (network attached storage) drive.

Because data was stored in separate systems, there was no easy way to see which employees from a given client had attended training as the two sides did not share data.

The Solution

The solution provided a new booking and CRM system with two main user interfaces: a public training course booking site that integrates with HCS Safety’s existing WordPress site, and an internal facing site that staff use to monitor and manage all training and workplace safety activities.

Both interfaces operate on the same data and utilise the same database.

The public booking system on HCS Safety’s website. The website was also designed and built by Interpro – find out more on our web portfolio page.

The system uses dashboards to present information to both staff and clients with a vast range of different processes made available for the various types of internal and external users with varying requirements.

For instance, the public booking system is used to book delegates on to training courses by external users. They are able to browse, select a training course, see the dates a course is available on and make a booking – with a secure payment process in place – receiving a confirmation email and joining instructions in return.

Users of the internal facing site include employees of HCS Safety such as advisors who tutor on courses and also provide direct advice and support to clients and require a concise overview of their timetable and upcoming work.

Consultant support specialists who are responsible for liaising with clients and arranging advisor visits to customer sites, reports, and other work have a clear view of the appointments and availability of those advisors.

Training administrators manage the timetable of courses inclusive of classroom and tutor allocation and the delegates who attend the courses, the accounts manager oversees company finances and invoicing and managers and directors have a general overview of the company’s activities.

The software from Interpro also includes a comprehensive section covering HCS Safety’s workplace safety services, including membership details, communication tools, new client data, leaving clients calendar entries, events, bookings, hours logged, course attendees, income and targets.

The Outcome

“We wanted to stay local with our supplier and we were also hugely impressed by
the way Rob Abbott and the team could immediately understand what our problems were, what we needed to address them – and then deliver solutions.”

Zoë Drew

Director, HCS Safety

“The system – we’ve called it SafetyNet – has completely revolutionised the way we do our business.
We couldn’t be happier and we now can’t quite believe how we used to manage in the past.”

Much of our previous administration work was done manually which was both incredibly time-consuming and fraught with difficulty. Our IT systems were also incompatible and we could not cross-reference between our training courses and client work.

What Interpro has done for us is a huge game-changer, not only helping us to retain clients but attract new customers. The booking system is fabulous, looks good and has simple to use public-facing software.

“We work with more than 430 businesses as a health and safety consultant and our new client portal allows them to book training sessions, download documents, check their own records and access a library of important safety information.

Interpro have been brilliant, responsive and supportive and they were also very competitive on price. We have subsequently been back to them for significant system add-ons and they are now very much part of our operation. Thoroughly recommended.”


Streamlined Processes
Integrated Data
Centralised Repository
Reduced Admin

Also From Interpro

The Interpro Web team has designed and built the website for HCS Safety. You can find more about this in our dedicated Web Portfolio section and view their website from the link below.

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