Managed IT Support Benefits

What is Fully Managed IT Support?

Fully managed IT support is where a business outsources their IT support to an external provider who takes responsibility for their IT function. These typically include PC and end user support, helpdesk provision, server and network maintenance and application management.

Working in partnership with your business, all services are provided under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and you can choose the level of cover that best suits your needs.

Why Outsource Your IT Support?

Computers and related technologies are constantly evolving and, combined with ever changing business requirements, it means businesses need to continually invest. This investment would need to cover both the procurement of new technologies and also the ongoing training of the technology for staff. This is often distracting, expensive and time consuming.

As businesses have become more and more dependent on IT, system up time and security is a day to day must. Demands from your business apply additional pressure for the systems to improve and not just run. So who has the time and the skill to do this?

This increasing complexity means that IT departments ideally need more staff, with more specialist skills and this is where a major expense occurs and where costs could be saved. To address the challenge, many organisations are considering outsourced IT support.

Outsourcing is successful as it enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from the knowledge, expertise and resources of a specialist company. As IT is the core focus of Interpro, We are able to make much higher levels of investment and attract the most experienced staff. This ensures you receive the best for your business without the costs and worry of the initial layout, upgrades and ongoing training.

The Business Benefits of Managed IT Support

  • IT staffing costs greatly reduced or removed
  • Access to highly skilled, specialist staff
  • Better planning and migration
  • Improved equipment purchasing power through Interpro
  • Faster service through remote control resolution
  • Shared risk and reduced accountability

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