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Leasing Your IT Equipment

Interpro Technology have partnered with Bluestar Leasing, a specialist technology finance company. This partnership allows us to provide leased computer and office equipment, including photocopiers, printers and software, to businesses in and around Portsmouth, Fareham, Southampton and surrounding Hampshire.

In today’s financial climate we all understand the importance of preserving working capital, yet businesses still need to grow and regularly invest in new technology.

Computer equipment leasing will allow your business to install a new server and multiple computers now, with no initial outlay – you simply have regular monthly payments over a period of time.

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Key features of leasing computer and office equipment:
  • Computer and office equipment leasing is available from just £1000 + VAT
  • Terms from 2 – 5 years
  • Tax advantages
  • Fast credit decisions / high acceptances
  • Existing credit facilities remain unaffected
  • Flexibility – Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term
  • Total solution finance – finance computer and office equipment, software, installation and services
  • Software leasing also available

Case Study

Company A has decided to upgrade their entire computer network in their office, including installing a new server. The total cost of the computer equipment and installation is £15,000. Company A can choose to pay this amount up front or they can take advantage of the equipment leasing option. Over 3 years, they could pay around £550 per month, or over 5 years they could pay around £350 per month.

This would give Company A the opportunity to buy brand new computer equipment with no initial outlay and have fixed payments for the full term.

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Computer and office equipment leasing is one of the most popular forms of financing computer equipment today.

Please contact us by phone on 0330 1133 330, use our Live Chat facility or send us a message for further information.

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