Laptop and Remote IT Solutions

IT Solutions for Mobile Working

Businesses are finding that enabling employees to work remotely has many benefits for the company such as minimising downtime during travelling or while visiting sites and allowing staff to work from home.

Remote and Mobile working will increase productivity as well as improve availability of up to date, relevant documents while working away from the office.

Interpro have many IT solutions for integrating mobile working into your business

Including but not limited to:
  • Synchronised emails, contacts and calendars
  • Remote and shared file access
  • VPNs – Virtual Private Networks
  • Web accessible emails
  • Remote desktop
  • Laptops, Tablets and Mobile phones
  • Files/Folder Sync Service for Desktop/Mobile

Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Interpro can supply and install laptops, tablets and mobile devices and configure them to all work together with your server to provide you with the best available remote working environment. With devices becoming cheaper, there are many more options available to companies. Interpro can make a site visit to see how your business works and what mobile solution would work best for each member of staff.

Real-time Working

Gone are the days of copying documents, working on them at away from the office and bringing them back later to find someone else has updated the same document in the meantime. Remote working can now allow you access to view and even edit documents on your server in real time, and some solutions can even enable editing of the same document as someone else simultaneously. This can eliminate issues that companies like Dropbox or OneDrive have with syncing.

Email systems we can install will allow you to have synchronised emails across all your devices – delete an email from your phone and it will delete from your laptop, tablet and computer. Also this email solution will automatically synchronise your contacts and calendars, including shared calendars and global address lists. Your emails, contacts and calendars can also be accessed remotely via a remote web application and also can be made available on any computer you log into in your workplace.

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