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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is all about running your systems and/or storing your data on the Internet through a hosting company.

The benefits of this are that your systems and data are made available to users anywhere through the Internet and that it can negate the need for a local server both of which seem fairly appealing.

It also means that the backup systems and disaster recovery plans are a lot easier because good hosting companies already have this in place.

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Is Cloud Computing Right for You?

We would advise to proceed with caution as Cloud computing is dependent on a good internet connection and if your business suffers from slow performance or connection drop outs, it may not be suitable for your business. You also need to consider what would happen if you lost an Internet connection for example, if someone dug up the road and accidentally cut through a cable. In this situation you would lose access to your systems and data.

Mix it Up With A Hybrid Cloud

We can provide secure business connections for your entire workforce whether they be remote office workers, mobile or home workers or multi-site offices. Our services include:

Cloud computing does not have to be an all or nothing solution. Interpro can look at your systems and identify parts that are best suited to being hosted in the cloud. In some cases that may be all of your computer systems but the majority of the time, we recommend that only some systems are hosted.

This is called a Hybrid Cloud and it means that some systems stay within your business location and others are hosted. It offers a best of both worlds option.

As an example, a company that has field sales staff who work remotely would benefit from a cloud based Customer Relationship Management CRM tool where they can work collaboratively by updating a centralised system. But at the head office, the finance department still have their accounting system installed locally.

Cloud Computing & Hosted Services:

Hosted desktops
Email systems
Company data files
Online backups
Servers – file, application, email and SQL for example
Sales and marketing tools – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Cloud based Accounting systems

Our Services

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