Server Support, Solutions and Virtualisation

Server Support and Maintenance

We work with all of the major server hardware providers including Dell, HP and IBM and support all of the major server operating systems including Windows Server and Small Business Server.

Being small business specialists we can configure your servers to get the most for your business in terms of productivity, performance, remote working, databases and email. We are also familiar with all of the major backup software packages in use today.

We work with Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server technologies.

We can recommend, install and maintain the best and most cost effective server solution for your business. Server support is included in all of our IT support packages.

IT Support for Servers

Included in Your IT Support Package:
  • Server monitoring
  • Server support via remote access
  • System backup monitoring
  • Server hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • Server operating system updates
  • User profile administration
  • Security enforcement and administration
  • Remote access administration
  • User activity monitoring
  • Email server maintenance and administration
  • SQL server maintenance and administration

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation allows you to run several virtual servers on one physical server.

This means that you can reduce your hardware and energy costs greatly. If we take an example of this, a company may have 3 servers that it has always used – one for email, one for file management and one for a database.

This means that there are 3 servers sat in a room, all using electricity and generating heat. There are also 3 lots of backups to carry out and the risk of hardware failure is 3 times greater than if you had 1 server and of course, the original cost outlay was also 3 times greater.

So in this example, these 3 servers would be virtualised to sit inside one server box which means one lot of hardware. In terms of your network and from a user’s point of view, they would still see the three servers and use them just as before even through they now sit inside one physical server.

The benefits of this are:

You save money – you can turn multiple servers into just one.

You save energy – servers are not cheap to run and typically require cooling. Reducing the hardware, reduces the energy consumption.

You save space – if your have multiple servers, the chances are that they are located in a special air conditioned room. By moving them on to one server, you gain a lot of your space back.

Disaster recovery and backups are greatly improved – virtualised servers are very easy to back up and restore and can be easily synced with other off-site servers. Restoring a virtual server to new hardware is much easier than configuring a new server and then restoring any data. The use of snapshots allows you to roll back should a problem ever occur.

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