Cloud Managed Security Solutions

Cloud managed antivirus

Having a good antivirus/security solution for your business is vital. It prevents unauthorised access to files and folders, accidental download of malicious files, or even intended malicious intent towards your business.

By using a service through Interpro Technology we manage your antivirus solution for you, giving you peace of mind that your data will be safe from hackers or viruses getting access to your data.

We are a partner of Bitdefender and ESET and offer their cloud based security solution at very competitive rates.

For large businesses, you can have a dedicated scanning and update appliance to free up resources on your network, this prevents excessive bandwidth usage which can slow down your internet experience.

Antivirus for Your Business

Managed Cloud Security Solutions Include:
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and management
  • Continuous scanning for threats and intrusions with advanced warning
  • Automated ransomware detection and prevention (crypto viruses)
  • Automatic managed security updates and patching
  • No maintenance and software updates, needed all done automatically.
  • Web protection and content filtering
  • Exchange email filtering


Industry Leading Efficacy

Adaptive, layered protection against unknown, advanced and zero day threats with low false positives

  • Machine Learning
  • Real-time Process monitoring
  • Advanced Anti-Exploit
  • Best clean up capability in the industry


Quick Time-to-Value

Fast Deployment, automatic remediation and visibility across all your endpoints

  • Centralised Management of Security in Heterogeneous, hybrid Environment
  • Singular Agent – Integrated, lightweight, customised on the fly
  • Automatic remediation with ability to roll back malicious changes


Optimised for Modern Infrastructure

Fast and light, designed with virtualisation in mind

  • Small footprint
  • Fast performance – optimised for VDI
  • Centralised smart scanning

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