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Web Application Development

Business Intelligence for Your Website

Interpro is a fully integrated IT consulting and solutions outsourcing company, providing custom web application development, database and eCommerce website solutions to help your business.

We believe that what is important is not the use of the latest technology, but choosing the right technology to ensure that a system:

  • is fit for purpose and matches a client’s requirements
  • performs as expected in terms of user numbers, data volume and application speed
  • takes usability into account for ease of use
  • has longevity and is scalable in terms of growth

We can also integrate with the major Content Management Systems and utilise Open Source software which can provide some of the following benefits:

  • the availability of existing source code and the right to modify it
  • the right to redistribute modifications and improvements to the code
  • the right to use the software in any way
  • encouraging software re-use
  • decreases vendor lock in
  • reduces cost of acquisition
  • increases customisability
  • reduces development time and cost
  • consistent code quality and security