Interpro Technology Software Integration for Fareham College

Another software integration project successfully delivered - this time for Fareham College. Thank you Tim Ryan for this testimonial.

As part of the recent Fareham College website rebuild, we needed some expert help integrating complex CRM and application functionality to complement the front-end redesign. After speaking to dozens of companies it was clear that Interpro was the most qualified for the job. Mark, Rob and the team scoped out several suggestions, before settling on a clear course of action. From the word go, Interpro had no problem meeting the brief, overcoming unforeseen obstacles and accommodating extra requests as part of the project's evolution. The work resulted in streamlined internal systems and a vastly improved application process for online users, and I'm confident that their ongoing support and expertise will deliver even more value to our organisation as the website functionality continues to develop over time.

Tim Ryan, Senior Digital Marketing Officer at Fareham College