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Interpro were recently called into a company who occupy two buildings about 200ft apart. The previous IT company had put in a high gain aerial on a standard wireless network – unfortunately this solution was simply not good enough. A wired system is nearly always the better solution to go for but if it means digging up the road and laying cables this it could cost thousands – in this case ten thousand!

We identified a specialist solution that linked the two buildings using a high power wireless bridge. This is simply a transmitter and receiver unit that are highly directional and externally mounted.The cost to install this technology was about £500 and the results were were excellent. The voice and data bandwidth is so good that the company now has 15 users in the remote office that receive all their phone calls over the link as well as their data.

If you have a similar problem and think that a wireless link between your buildings is a possible solution, please get in touch. We’d be happy provide all of the help and advice you may need.