Interpro Technology - Interpro Conclude Work at The Mary Rose Museum - IT Support Hampshire Portsmouth Fareham Southampton

Interpro have successfully concluded their IT Consultancy work at the new £35 million Mary Rose Museum which opened to the Public on the 31st May 2013.

We were employed to assist in the tendering, procurement and quality assurance role for the various systems within the Museum. These included the general IT infrastructure, the automated gate and ticketing system, the education and boardroom suites, the interactive show and media displays, the building monitoring system, the wireless networks and also the telephone system.

Our aim was to ensure that the systems were correctly specified and to identify cost saving opportunities for the Museum which is a registered charity. We were closely involved with the tendering process and assisted with at the tender selection stage as well as ensuring that systems were correctly implemented.

This milestone project has presented Interpro with a great opportunity to work on a world class museum that will bring in huge visitor numbers to Portsmouth. It has allowed Interpro to form relationships with some of the leading service providers for the tourism industry and we will look to build on these relationships for similar projects in the future.